Invest in your energy future. Invest in Solar and start saving now.


Over the past 20 years electricity prices have increased by an average of 5.9% a year, where use of electricity in the home and business has also increased as we become increasingly energy dependent to function effectively in the workplace and at home.

 In New Zealand, when looking at the options for investing in renewable energy generation, solar power is the one technology that is most readily accessible for both business and home owners, with system sizes scalable from simple small residential applications to commercial size operations, providing the means of generating free, green electricity to reduce your energy costs.

Our goal is to deliver the best quality Solar Solutions available to our clients using globally recognised products and brands that are industry proven and perform, with designs focused on optimising internal consumption of Solar production to maximise the utilisation and returns on your investment.

Renewable energy provides the gateway to a guaranteed lower energy future while contributing at the same time to efforts to reduce the impact of energy generation on our environment.

 If you are interested in offsetting the impact of rising energy costs and saving on your power bill then consider Solar Power for your building and contact us today


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