Lighting enables us to go about our lives, including work and play as effectively as possible. It provides our visual needs, has an impact on productivity, on safety, on our health and well-being, on how we see the world. It plays an integral part in how we function everyday and is provided naturally through daylight and artificially through electric light sources.

Improving the quality of light has been proven to directly benefit worker satisfaction and productivity, improve on health and safety, enhance mood and desirability of spaces and through the right selection improve on energy efficiency and lower the cost of lighting

At Net Zero Energy Solutions we provide a range of energy efficient lighting solutions for both business and private customers, specialising in Lighting Efficiency Upgrades where the goal is to reduce energy consumption and improve on overall lighting quality.

Rapid advances in lighting technology over the past decade have seen vast improvements in luminaire and lamp design with two of the main beneficiaries being improved light efficacy (lumens/watt) and quality of light.

LED lighting is leading the way in energy efficiency in the market where there are significant savings to be made with the change out of less efficient lamps and fixtures. LED's consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs and up to 70% less power than fluorescents fixtures with the added benefits of low heat emissions, "Zero" mercury content and reduced maintenance costs

LED lights are available in a range of colour temperatures to suit a variety of end use applications and client preferences, where the colour and brightness of the light produced will impact on function, mood, ambience of the space and performance  and well being of the people within the space. 

 Simple changes involving higher efficiency lamps, addition of controls for occupancy and management of daylight harvesting are some of the strategies we put in place to lower the fixed electrical overheads within a building.

Net Zero Energy Solutions take pride designing and selecting the right lighting outcome for each client, whether it be an industrial warehouse, office space, living area, or coolroom situation, our intention of delivering a high quality, energy efficient solution is the same.

So if you are serious about saving energy and improving on the current lighting structure within your facility contact us today for a free consultation and start the journey towards a brighter, more efficient, lighting future .............

HVAC - Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning


Two of the largest consumers of energy within a business operation are HVAC and lighting.

  • When considering an air conditioning or ventilation system for your business it is important to understand the range of options available, what they deliver in terms of comfort and air quality and how they perform in terms of energy consumption and efficiency, so as you can make an informed decision on what solution best meets your immediate and future needs.


  • We  provide expert advice, design services, installation, maintenance and servicing to ensure your business is fitted out with the best space conditioning system solution providing maximum value and performance over the lifetime of your investment.


  • We take pride in making it our business to listen to your individual needs while assessing the environment you are looking to condition. We provide professional advice on what system will best suit fit with your lifestyle or business and provide solutions from market leading brands that promote efficiencies through design. All this enables us to best select a system that provides maximum value and performance for the lifetime of your investment.


  • If you are interested in upgrading an existing solution or looking to have a new system installed contact us for a free no obligation consultation today.................





•Globally the cost of energy generation continues to rise ,combined with the various environmental impacts associated with the range of power plant  electricity generation.

With concerns about rising energy prices and a modern society that is increasingly energy dependent, the importance of targeting building energy use is a key to decreasing energy consumption.

• Solar Power is a renewable, green energy source with designed solutions enabling varying levels of energy independence. With energy efficiency measures in place the incorporation of renewable Solar Power to a building can be designed to offset the base electricity load. Every building and use of the building, its function, its hours of operation will differ 
•We are passionate about clean renewable energy and the technology that enables best utilization of the energy generated.

•Smart meters and correct sizing of Solar PV arrays will ensure energy is consumed within the building and maximum returns are achieved with the ultimate goal of energy used balanced against energy generated 

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So where to Start?

Net Zero Energy Solutions will engage with you from project inception through to completion with a process where the success in any application involves an understanding of the clients needs and expectations combined with design and project implementation.

Whether your motivated by the opportunity to save on energy costs, to have a level of energy independence or wish to support initiatives for clean energy generation there is no better time to "Make a Change", so contact us today for a free consultation to invest in your energy future.......................




“I believe that if we find ways of generating and storing power from renewable resources, we will make the problem with oil and coal disappear – because economically, we’ll wish to use these other methods. If we do that, a huge step will be taken in solving the problems of the Earth.    "Sir David Attenborough to President Obama"