Where technology and design are combined to achieve an energy efficient, sustainable building 


Energy efficiency is but one part of the puzzle required to achieve a Net Zero Energy building where the ultimate goal of the structure generating as much energy as it consumes and it is through collaboration with market leading brands and innovative product partners we are able to deliver designed solutions customised to individual needs. 


Net Zero Energy Solutions focus on delivering energy efficient improvements that contribute immediate and ongoing savings in energy use and consumption with the investment made now paying dividends for the life of the product.


Our process involves engagement with clients to identify and prioritise those areas of their business where there will be positive gains in embracing continuous improvement to their operation.


We address the key energy consumers within buildings to optimise the efficiency of these essential building elements specialising in the areas of: 

Intelligent lighting solutions

Design and delivery of Daikin air-conditioning systems

 Intelligent VFD solutions for motor efficiency improvement

Thermal de-stratification solutions for improvement in indoor climate control

 Renewable energy solutions designed around efficient building templates.