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Aeratron AE3 50″ 3 Blade DC Ceiling Fan

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Efficient by design

Inspired by nature, fused bio-metric engineering and advanced industrial design with simplicity, functionality, and aesthetics, and created an altogether different class of eco-efficient fan.The unique smooth air circulation system operates in complete silence creating comfortable environments for living and working.

Silent by Nature

Aeratron fans create silent, comfortable conditions for living and working without unpleasant swirling noises and wobbling sounds created by conventional fans. Noiseless movement of our fan blades is the result of bio-metric engineering inspired by bird wings; the optimised contours of our three-dimensional aerofoil blades have small winglets designed to minimise air vortex drag and swirl.

Wobble free technology

The Swiss German-engineered self-balancing system guarantees a quiet, steady performance; it eliminates disturbing sounds caused by wobbling and vibration in conventional fans by keeping the blades in a dynamic equilibrium.

Award Winning Design

Aeratron is an international multi-Award Winner including;

  • “Gold” for Residential Sustainable Design @ International Design Awards, Los Angeles in 2011
  • “design award” for Interior and Architectural Products @ The Australian International Design Awards, Melbourne in 2011.
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  • Modern RF Remote control.

  • DC Motor Technology – includes all electronics to connect to standard household wiring
    (110 ~ 240Volts AC).

  • 74% less energy compared to an ordinary (80 watt) AC ceiling fan.

  • 3.7 to 18 watt energy consumption.

  • Silent Operation with patented wobble free technology.

  • Airflow of 10,073 (M3HR)

  • Three Blade design & diameter of 1260mm (50″).

  • Optional 6w LED Light Kit.

  • Supports Raked ceilings of up to 10 degrees and upto 40 degrees with an optional extension Rod & Sloped ceiling bracket kit.

  • Quality Construction.

  • ABS Aerofoil Blades & Aluminium Body.

  • Ecologically sensitive packaging.

  • Available in Five different colours (White, Silver, Black, Dark Woodgrain, Light Woodgrain).

  • In Home Warranty; 1 Year Warranty on Receiver & Remote 3 Year Motor.


  • Fan Home Automation Controller (coming soon)

  • DC Fan Wall Controller (coming soon)

  • Slopped Ceiling Bracket upto 15 degrees
  • 6w LED Light Kit (Cool White 650 Lumens)

  • 900mm Extension Rod system

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Please note: we highly recommend to install no more than a maximum of 8 fan units per power circuit, and to add an on/off  (isolation) switch to each fan. When the isolation switch is turned off the fan remembers the last setting when switched back on. This will allow ease of use and provide servicing safety where electrical work is required.




                           Proudly distributed in New Zealand by Net Zero Energy Solutions Ltd