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Net Zero Energy Solutions are proud to represent FW Worldwide in the New Zealand market with  VFD solutions specifically designed for a variety of industries and customised for each site and application

FW Worldwide (Future Wave Innovations Pty Ltd) is an Australian owned company dedicated to providing intelligent Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) solutions. FW combines the latest drive technology from LS Industrial Systems (LG), with more than 40 years of technical experience with electric motors and drives, to provide unparalleled efficiency – typically achieving 30 – 70% reductions in energy demand.

The Future Wave products are used by a range of industries and applications and are designed for optimal energy savings in AC electric motors. FW solutions are intended to be the most sustainable and the cost effective method to reduce energy consumption, lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and improve energy efficient targets.

From the Industrial user, to the home owner, our primary concern is helping people save energy. Future Waves dynamic team of highly experienced leaders and problem solvers are uniquely knowledgable in both AC electric motors as well as Variable Frequency Drives. FW has access to ongoing expert support from a range of carefully selected industry specialists, as well as our highly trained technical team. This is a driving factor of our competitiveness and allows us to provide a superior solution highly specific to each industry.

FW Worldwides Winning Combination

  • Uncompromising quality – From LS VFDs, to IFM Transducers only the highest standard components are used throughout all aspects of our products.
  • Vast industry experience – 40 years of industry experience underpins our ability to provide most efficient VFD solution available.
  • Solid partnerships: A key to FW’s success is our ability to bring industry experts together. This collaboration enables us to provide an unparalleled VFD solution.
  • Environmentally conscious: We are committed to helping our customers reduce their emissions and impact on the environment.
  • Sustainable and accountable business practice: We believe in a sustainable business approach as well as well providing a commercial solution to environmental challenges.
  • Energy intelligence: FW believe in provide innovative technology to create solutions to growing challenges.
  • Strong customer support focus: We are dedicated to helping customers achieve optimal energy saving results.


Motors are used everywhere. with roughly one third of the world’s electrical energy being consumed by AC electric motors fixed-speed centrifugal pump, fan and compressor applications. This highlights an incredible opportunity for energy efficiency improvements through VFD retrofit installations.

FW has the experience and technical expertise required to optimise a motor’s efficiency for its specific application. By running your equipment at the lowest possible motor speed while maintaining performance requirements, we are able to maximise the energy savings available to each motor – often achieving reductions in energy use between 30 – 75% .

Whatever the Industry or application, FW’s Solutions are designed to reduce wasted energy by precisely matching motor speed with load demand, and to dramatically cut power usage. Variable Frequency operations naturally reduce mechanical stress and motor wear & tear, thereby typically requiring less maintenance, and prolonging system life. VFDs are one of the most cost-effective ways to maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs, and these savings are immediately realized, going straight to your bottom line. 

Increased Power Factor

AC motors typically consume more than 50 per cent of the energy used to power a building. As compared with other types of loads, the induction motor has a relatively poor power factor, causing higher line currents, which causes additional heat in line cables and transformers. The Majority of electricity providers put limits on the loss & load factor associated with low Power Factor generated by their customers, who have to pay a penalty if their Power Factor falls below certain limits, which can range from .80 to .97.

The power factor is especially low in cases where the motor is over-sized for the given application and therefore, running lightly loaded. This is extremely common in commercial buildings, as the majority are designed with motors built to meet peak demand, e.g., the hottest summer day of the year. However given the extremely high cost of power, this over-engineering now accounts for significant costs to clients, and can sometimes attribute more than $20,000 per annum in potential savings. The LS iS7 VFD which is utilised in the Future WaveTM units has Power Factor correction through an inbuilt DC reactor, which greatly improves the losses and associated costs of having a low Power Factor. In some cases, the reductions in kWh consumption due to PF correction (with motors operating at 100%) with Future WaveTM have been up to 18%


Reduced Energy Consumption & Associated Costs

The Future WaveTM will typically achieve energy savings of between 35% to 75% of original energy consumption. This is a substantial reduction when considering the ever increasing costs of electricity throughout Australia. Energy charges to businesses are typically split into 3 categories - Retail, Network and Market. It is important to note that whilst Future Wave Energy SaverTM Technology will have a clear reduction in kilowatt hour consumption calculated in Retail, it will also have a ‘multiplier’ effect on reducing both the Network and Market charges. Savings will also be seen in reducing the cost of Carbon. However, this effect is not factored into estimated savings.

Increased Working Life of Motor

It is important to note that further savings can be attributed to operating the motor at reduced loads using Future WaveTM. Decreasing the motor’s constant maximal output can greatly reduce harmful wear & tear on mechanical functions, potentially decreasing maintenance and replacement costs, and ultimately prolonging the motor’s efficiency and longevity. Data obtained through independent engineer’s reports show that the pump's bearing temperatures are less than half when using the Future Wave Energy Saver. Most motors operating at a single speed run at extremely high bearing temperature which contributes to their high failure rate.

Decreased Noise Levels

The reduced motor speeds and stresses, combined with less water disturbance in the ‘wet end’ of the pump, provides substantial reductions in Noise Pollution. Although not confirmed as yet through independent laboratory testing, it is it is estimated to be in the range of 75% when operating at maximum efficiency. 


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