Lighting Intelligence - it is not just illumination


NZ designed and developed intelligent lighting solutions that are changing the way we think about using light.

 Indoor Environment Quality

Delivering lighting outcomes specific to the use and function of space to benefit the health, safety and wellbeing of building occupants and the operation of facilities


Controlled intelligence programmed to optimise light energy use and power consumption without comprise to performance or visual comfort


Adaptive control technology central to every luminaire where organic intelligence enables autonomous and collective activation of each fixture, sensor or control node within the lighting network

Secure Wireless Network

An autonomous adaptive network, independent of any WiFi or local cellular network with no reliance on any central control system making the network secure, robust and ultra-reliable


Integrated autonomous wireless control allows full interaction with other fixtures, sensors and nodes to optimise energy savings and task specific lighting with no additional control system required

Germicidal lighting

Disinfection using visible light where the selected light wave inactivates diverse types of bacteria in liquids and on surfaces for decontamination applications

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Full Spectrum Light - Disinfection with Light - Technology Synergies

Product Range




Lighting outcomes that assist in the creation of inspiring learning environments to benefit the education experience

 Tuneable full spectrum lighting that improves visual tasks, comfort and well being, circadian lighting systems to improve mood, performance, alertness and engagement in class, emergency lighting integration, hearing impairment activation protocols, security, lockdown protocols……..

 Classrooms, staffroom, sickbay, gymnasium, auditorium …….


Engineered solutions designed specific to the environment with adaptive control technology maximising energy efficiency and life of fixtures


Occupancy sensing, environmental sensing, forklift proximity detection, daylight harvesting, zone control, emergency lighting, personnel tracking, man down alert, indoor asset tracking, facility wide motion detection, full spectrum light and colour temperature selection ………….


Warehousing, Storage, Distribution, Cool rooms, Refrigeration, Production Areas, Manufacturing Facilities, Mining …… 


Delivering lighting environments specific to the needs of specialist areas that can assist with improved outcomes in the delivery of healthcare and the health and wellbeing of staff and patients


Human centric lighting for circadian entrainment, tuneable lighting scenes with full spectrum light, germicidal light activation for bacteria management, emergency light interaction, integrated nurse call assistance , key asset tracking, personnel tracking, environment condition sensing, patient recovery light scenes ……….


Consultation Rooms, Nurse Stations, Recovery Rooms, Operating Theatres, Waiting Rooms, Corridors


Improving our visual environment

 Illumination designed specific to the use of space and the individuals within creating inviting, healthy, productive environments for the benefit of occupants, business and the environment

  Tuneable full spectrum lighting, environmental sensing, indoor asset tracking, security integration, emergency lighting, site wide heat mapping, germicidal lighting for bacteria management


Office space, retail stores, conference centres, food production facilities, food preparation, restaurants

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