Save up to 60% off the running cost of your Pool Pump!


Most pool pumps cycle more water than is necessary, running at full speed whenever they are in use and in doing so consume more power than is necessary, putting extra wear and tear on the pool motor while consuming more power than is necessary and operating at full noise.

The Future Wave Energy Saver will automatically control the operational speed of your pool pump to run at its maximum efficiency to reduce energy consumption while improving the efficiency of your pool filtration.

The average home owner can pay more than $1,000 per annum to run their pool. This is based on an average 1.5kW pump, operating 8 hours per day for 365 days @ 25 cent tariffs = $1,095 per annum. For 2kW pumps, this can be up to $1,500

Why choose the Future Wave Energy Saver?



  • Simple Installation: There is no need to replace a perfectly working pump or motor as it works on 90% of existing AC Pumps. The installation is a simple plug in, do it yourself device.

  • Highest quality components: made of the highest quality components from LS Industrial Systems.

  • 3 year manufacturers warranty: Industry leading warranty.

  • Your typical return on investment is under 24 months: This is based on average usage figures (1.5kw pump operating 8 hours per day for 365 days @ 25 cents per KW of power = $1,095. Savings of 50% will produce $547.50 savings per year.

How it works

The Future Wave Energy Saver uses a high-end Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and proprietary programming to slow the pump to match pool requirements. This also improves filter efficiency, makes the pump run quieter, and last longer.

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The Future Wave Energy Saver has been designed for ‘plug & play’ DIY installation. There is no hard wiring or plumbing required. A weather proof casing allows for outdoor installation if required.

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Purchase a Future Wave Energy Saver

The Future Wave Energy Saver is available in New Zealand through Net Zero Energy Solutions Ltd, Contact Us today