AC induction motors consume more than 50 per cent of the energy used in industrial and manufacturing facilities.”

FW’s Intelligent Inverter Solutions incorporate the use of LSis Industrial VFD family. We work closely with LSis and industrial and manufacturing clients to understand their unique and specialized requirements in order to provide expert advice based on what they need to achieve optimal energy savings. FW takes pride in supplying our clients a total solution service, from initial site assessment to installation and specific commissioning of each motor for its given application.
Industrial Applications include:

  • Ventilation or Extraction Fans
  • Water supply motors
  • Cooling Systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • Cool rooms

Key issues for manufacturing clients – We understand productivity


Having the ability to vary the motor’s speed and torque means there is less wear and tear on the motor, minimizing costly down time and maximizing productivity. For example, the ability to soft-start and electric motor reduces the inrush current, often 6-10 times the stated nameplate which can damage the motor significantly over time. FWs solution limits inrush current by regulating voltage and frequency on initial energization.


LS is Industrial VFDs range incorporate the highest level precision control, and includes a strong low-speed torque control and a speed-precision-driven vector algorithm. This enables motors to achieve the exact speed and torque while maintaining its accuracy, providing optimal control.


 As compared to other types of loads, induction motors have relatively poor power factor, causing higher line currents, which cause additional heat in line cables and transformers. The PF is especially low in cases when the motor is oversized for the application (common in industrial settings) and often run lightly loaded. AC motors have a substantial reduction in Cu, Fe, Heat, and frictional losses while energized with a VFD. FW’s solution incorporating the LS iS7 Industrial VFD incorporates EMI filters, DC Reactor, DB resistor, all of which reduce radical harmonics, EMI, and back generation within the motor, at the same time, increasing overall power factor.


 LS VFDs are designed with the end user in mind. The simple and user-friendly keypad allows instant adjustments to speed or other application parameters. Programming can be incorporated for fully auto-mated or fully manual operation.


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