Motors are often the largest energy consumer on the farm.

As the cost electricity continues to rise, farmers are forced to change the way they run their business. FW strives to reduce the cost burden on properties operating a large number of AC electric motors critical to the day to day operation.


Given the critical and technically complex nature of these applications, many often require expert assessment to ensure correct application of VFDs. Prior to installation, an analysis of each motor is conducted by FW’s technical team. FW’s technology is specifically designed in order to maximize the level of energy savings achieved. Our technical team are highly experienced industry veterans with over 40 years technical experience. Our bespoke approach to installation and configurations for farming clients means that we are able to achieve significantly greater amounts of energy savings than any other solution in the marketplace.


Having the ability to vary the motor’s speed and torque means there is less wear and tear on the motor, minimizing costly down time and maximising productivity. For example, the ability to soft-start and electric motor reduces the inrush current, often 6-10 times the stated nameplate which can damage the motor significantly over time. FWs solution limits inrush current by regulating voltage and frequency on initial energization.


FW has been able to achieve outstanding results for industrial clients across a wide range of industrial applications Dairy Farmers, to Irrigators, to Fruit & Grain Growers, to Fish Farmers, to Hydroponics, FW has designed custom Inverter solutions to a number of Farming communities across Australia.

  • Irrigation or Water Supply Pumps
  • Vacuum Pump Systems (Milking) (415v & SWER 480 Volt)
  • Cooling Vats (Refrigeration Compressors)
  • Aeration Motors (Aquaculture)
  • Pressure Pumps
  • Heat Pumps

Variable Frequency application can save considerable energy. In each application, FW provides custom VFD solutions specifically attuned to each motor, maximizing energy saving potential.



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