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Location:  135 Barkers rd, Kew, 3101 Victoria,


Application:  11.0KW (15hp) Pool Filtration


Run Time: 24/7/365

Energy Savings: 45%

Motor/Pump: TECO motor direct coupled with

Southern Cross pump


Xavier College is one of Australia’s most renowned day and boarding schools. The senior campus is located in Barkers Road, Kew, approximately eight kilometres from the centre of Melbourne.

The school’s Stephenson Centre boasts a magnificent heated indoor pool complete with a 25 metre, 8 lane competition pool and combined diving area. The facility operates 2 x 11kWfiltration pumps, with a duty and standby system (one pump running 24/7, the other as standby unit).

In order to combat peak demand charges FW implemented a 2 – speed cycle for the Filtration System. This has allowed the school to reduce energy demand during peak times and increase filtration rate during non-operational hours to take advantage of off-peak tariffs.

This system was designed to not only maximise energy saving potential but ensure performance and harmony with the filter system was maintained.

Energy consumption monitoring was provided by Auzion both pre & post installation. The data showed the original energy demand for the pump at an average of 198.8 kW per day (over 10 days). After the installation and commissioning of FW’s Intelligent Inverter Solution this load reduced to an average of 102 kW per day, proving a saving of more than 45% in kWh consumption.

In order to further maximise ROI for the school , FW designed a control system which allowed the facility to run both pumps with just one VFD unit.