Who is Aeratron?

Aeratron is the design team behind the Aeratron fans originating in Australia and now selling worldwide.

What if I have a sloping ceiling?

A sloping ceiling kit and extension rod kit is available for sloped ceilings. Please read detail under Aeratron accessories. 

What about wall switches?

Aeratron fans use DC motors requiring the remote control to control the receiver for the motor. A manual wall switch is available providing the functions for forward, reverse, on/off and speed setting

What about installation?

Please always use a certified electrician to do the installation!

Please follow the user manual during installation.

How many Aeratron Fans can I install per power circuit?

We recommend not to use more than 8 fans per power circuit.

What do I need to know when installing multiple fans with different settings?

If installing multiple fans with different settings, please make sure that all fans are disconnected to the power while only programming the fan in question

What if I experience difficulties with the receiver or motor?

Make sure that all cables are properly connected to the connectors and no cables are loose